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Just finishing uploading this weeks podcast for your listening pleasure. Stream or Download.

Looking forward to this weekend as Barbara is visiting the coast and not only do we have plans to see The Magnetic Fields, but there will be some wandering and thrift store shopping with some other friends as well. I’m hoping cake too. Because, well, why not.

Thinking this is one of the better responses I’ve seen to the Kony 2012 campaign. Also if you haven’t already, go over to Visible Children and read some facts about Invisible Children.

Realising I might have an addiction to Draw Something. Also spin class.

Reading my second book on the Kindle. I’m finding I read books much quicker than I do with a tangible copy. Strange, isn’t? Still nothing will replace a real book.

Wondering, what’s your favourite word as of late?

Currently…you are?


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word trends of 2011

Found this link, “New and Trendy Words of 2011” while trying to suss out the most popular (or overused) words of the year. You can read the full list if you click the link, but below I’d copied the ones that made me chuckle. Most are words already in  our discourse, but with different meanings.

*Basketful of critters – means you are excited about something and cannot wait for it.

Dash the Cash – keeping something secret.

Smoke – a term that means alright or cool. Shows that you understand what’s being said.

Jankway – when you get lost on the highway and you accidentally take the jankway to your destination. The wrong, long, or dangerous route compared to the well-known, easiest route.

Who Chew– a dip placed in the dead center of your upper lip making it protrude to where you look similar to the Who’s, a fictional race of creatures from the popular Dr. Suess book, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

*my new favourite phrase.

Your favourite words as of late?


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I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to visit the Museum of Vancouver, especially given my occupation.

I’m at the point now where I geek out mainly on the design and interpretation of a display, and then weep silently because our museum cannot afford fancy displays, even though we have similar collections. You can view photographs of Ugly Vancouver (the neon sign exhibit) over here and photographs of the permanent galleries are over here, courtesy of Melanie. Wandering Coyote also posted pictures from the museum, and the rest of the day on her blog as well.

I loved when you first walked into the museum there was a huge chalkboard wall where you could write down “What Vancouver means to you” – I was writing green.

What’s your favourite word as of late?


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always go for the jugular

I’m in holiday hangover mode.

Wishing I was still curled up in a muskoka chair reading a book, a cool libation within reach.

Seeing as I’m sat in front of my computer screen taking a break from some titillating data entry I thought I’d post this list I read this morning: Most Frequently Looked-Up Words on NY

How many of the words stump you?

There are definitely a few I had to look up, samizdat being one. However, most of the list I recognized. I was surprised that the word that had 913 look-ups is the title for this blog.

No shame in having to look up a word though. The rule after finding its definition is you have to use it in a sentence that day. At least that’s what I try to do for myself.


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things that baffle

When I see people parked like this it makes me want to kick something.

I wish I had business sized cards that I could place on the windshield that read:

Thank-you for giving me the opportunity to use the word wankjacket today.


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speaking in tongues

I am so glad that I have this archive of posts to remind me of my life.

I had a conversation last week with one of my friends from Germany, whom I met while I was living in England. She’s one of my musical soul mates. We never have a conversation without a lost in translation moment, yet it’s one of the things that makes the friendship tick. She makes me look at language so specifically, what every syllable means, how words interact with each other, and most notably how sarcasm does not always translate.  We have the greatest talks about lyrics as well, coming at a song from such different perspectives. I knew I had transcribed a few into posts here, and I was able to look them up without too much fuss, which brought a smile to my eye.

I’ve been thinking about visiting her for quite some time, as she lives in the same village as many of my other German friends from Newcastle. It’s hard to plan holidays in my current situation, but I think my travel goal for 2012 will be to visit there, which is just outside of Berlin. Knowing that I have a couch to crash on that I can pay for in mix tapes really helps. One must never underestimate the power of a mix – true currency with some friends.

Plus, I like having a travel goal. Even if it is a bit unattainable.

Do you have any summer goals?

I’m going to try to write more, and go out dancing at least twice.

It’s been too long.


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words we don’t say

According to the editor of New York Magazine.

I agree with a few on this list, but I find the concept hilarious.

What words would make your list? What are your favourite words as of late?

Listless and languid are ones I’m using frequently, as its how I’ve been feeling.


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