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speaking in tongues

I am so glad that I have this archive of posts to remind me of my life.

I had a conversation last week with one of my friends from Germany, whom I met while I was living in England. She’s one of my musical soul mates. We never have a conversation without a lost in translation moment, yet it’s one of the things that makes the friendship tick. She makes me look at language so specifically, what every syllable means, how words interact with each other, and most notably how sarcasm does not always translate.  We have the greatest talks about lyrics as well, coming at a song from such different perspectives. I knew I had transcribed a few into posts here, and I was able to look them up without too much fuss, which brought a smile to my eye.

I’ve been thinking about visiting her for quite some time, as she lives in the same village as many of my other German friends from Newcastle. It’s hard to plan holidays in my current situation, but I think my travel goal for 2012 will be to visit there, which is just outside of Berlin. Knowing that I have a couch to crash on that I can pay for in mix tapes really helps. One must never underestimate the power of a mix – true currency with some friends.

Plus, I like having a travel goal. Even if it is a bit unattainable.

Do you have any summer goals?

I’m going to try to write more, and go out dancing at least twice.

It’s been too long.


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sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come

Why do I always wait until the last minute to get my playlist together?

Good thing I’ll be taking my laptop so at least I can add to the ipod along the way if needed. (Note: I always say this and then the laptop ends up in the trunk and we end up on a roll and decide not to stop and listen to the static whilst trying to get the CBC on the radio).

So we’re off to the interior for the weekend to attend a wedding. Yes, that is the most direct route. There really are no straight roads in British Columbia. Wait I take that back – I found a 10km stretch from Terrace to Prince Rupert last summer.

I think I should take some gravol.

Most memorable road trip?

Entertain me whilst I’m away.


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gather round

There is something really calming about taking a night flight.

It’s a much more relaxing vibe. I try to travel at night as much as I can, as it’s the best way to maximize your time under a tight schedule, but I also like traveling in my pj’s.

When I was flying from Smithers to Palm Springs last summer, trying to get to my family, I was seated in seat 7D on all 3 flights, and in 1 on the return. Guess what seat I’m in tonight? 7D.

Bit weird.

I’ll share one story with you that I’ve written so far for the eulogy.

The “undomestic goddess” you said you were. Still,  there was always homemade spaghetti sauce when we came to visit and fresh lemon squares, but when someone complained about your ironing…well you would arch that eyebrow and tell the story of Jack. Jack complained about your ironing skills, specifically that you would never get his collars clean or straight enough. Then one day after he came home from work, he uncovered that you had cut all the collars off his shirts.

Jack did his own ironing from then on.


This made me smile today.

What’s something that made you smile, or laugh this week?


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the city’s ripped backsides

I love taking the train.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have taken the train across large parts of Canada, the US and Europe, and I never tire of it.

I especially love in cities such as Newcastle, or here in the lower mainland where the metro is not underground, but above so the city sweeps by you as you travel from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, under bridges and wrapping around the Fraser River. Sure, taking it day after day can get to you, but I love taking it on the weekend when I’m not pressed for time, can snag a coveted seat, listen to the ipod and free the mind and just digest from whatever the week threw out.

It also helps when your stop is the Vancouver Art Gallery, and you’re headed to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Mechanics of Man exhibit.

This makes the trip back home filled with so many amazing thoughts you may even miss your stop and ride a little longer.

Not that this happened to me, I’m just saying.


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it’s out there, if you want me i’ll be here


We’ve been experiencing some intense heat lightening for the past few nights.

The above picture is from my driveway last night. My favourite kind of sky; right before a massive storm. I love that smell of the air right before it rains. It’s almost up there with the smell of fresh cut grass, or a wood burning fire. Smells like childhood summers spent near Georgian Bay, it does.

However, the rain has yet to come. Perhaps it’ll hit when I leave town tonight. Probably. Its supposed to be even warmer in Prince George, around 40’C (104’F). This is not normal for these parts. They say 5% of British Columbians have air conditioning. I am not one of the 5%.

Here’s to cool places and iced beverages…and to however thought basements were a good idea, cheers to you!

Happy long weekend my friends.


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the shins

i took a nose dive off the cement steps at my gran’s last night. because you know, i’ve always wanted to be wheeled to the airport. and hop down the aisle on crutches (actually, had i known you get to cut lines whilst in a wheelchair i would hurt myself more often when i travel).

i fell on the last step, smacked both my shins, hard, and landed on my kneecaps and then for shits, slammed into the car and hit my head.

i was like a life sized version of those collapsible toys.


and the sad thing is i merely tripped over my own two feet. a common, yet increasingly annoying occurrence.

my knees and shins are the size of grapefruits, but they are subsiding to small oranges i do believe. there is  small fracture we’re almost sure of, as i can’t walk, however xrays shall wait until i return home…because getting a band aid in this country at a hospital would run you a thousand, certainly. but crutches and canes can be purchased at a small price. mine are collapsible too. ;)

not how i wanted to return home, as i have splendid plans for new years, but barring any delays on the flights home, i still plan to partake (drinking helps the pain right?) and thankfully, i have a great real, handsome crutch when i get back.

hope you all have a kick ass new years, whatever you end up doing.

be seeing you. most likely sporadically. :)


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fun in the sun with protective cream

So, Ali and I are in Malaga.

Today we climbed a mountain. In flip flops.

Managed not to burn whilst walking around the city.

Had a fabulous lunch, and dinner.

Our staying in an uber chic hotel. With a bathtub!

Ate ice cream from a kiosk, not a truck.

Mastered the metro system. Take that, Brussels!

Had an hilarious conversation about the Burger King Mascot (he seriously frightens me).

We’re watching Rock of Love, and just heard the line, “skank-slaw-whorebag.” It had us in stitches. We’re reality television virgins.

And now I’m trying to watch South Park in German while waiting for the photos to upload. It is confusing. Ever tried to watch a program not in your language and get to the point you think you know what is going on but then you realise the only reason you do is because you’ve seen it before? Yeah.

Tomorrow, the Picasso museum.

Here are a few snaps from today.

We honestly did not plan to match alike, or with the room. Pure accident.

“Oh my god the door has a handle!”

Ah, palm trees.

Me, sitting in some art.

We climbed to the top of that peak.

The view from the top.

Yes, we know we are pale.


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