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This is Not a Podcast: Episode 8 – stream or download

Pondering over seeing Dark Shadows. Reviews have not been so favourable. Perhaps its a renter.

Wondering why my neck hates me. Thankful to the makers of Aleve.

Hoping we have a good turn out for our museum event tomorrow. And that I have no more troubles with grant restrictions while hiring the remainder of my summer students.

Feeling tired, but getting my butt to the gym anyway.

Smiling over this photo.

Currently…you are?


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This is Not a Podcast: Episode 6…stream or download.

Wondering when this cold of mine is going to fade.

Planning to head out to the art gallery here in a bit to go and see the Beat Nation exhibition.

Looking forward to hiring summer students – not for the process – but reading the ridiculous e-mail addresses from some of the applicants. It’s my favourite time of year.

Amazed that my artichoke hummus turned out so well. If I could share, I would. Maybe. Are you cooking/baking anything this weekend?

Pondering over making a trip to IKEA. I need some shelves, but I also don’t want to leave with a thousand tea lights, like last time.

Currently…you are?


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Just finishing uploading this weeks podcast for your listening pleasure. Stream or Download.

Looking forward to this weekend as Barbara is visiting the coast and not only do we have plans to see The Magnetic Fields, but there will be some wandering and thrift store shopping with some other friends as well. I’m hoping cake too. Because, well, why not.

Thinking this is one of the better responses I’ve seen to the Kony 2012 campaign. Also if you haven’t already, go over to Visible Children and read some facts about Invisible Children.

Realising I might have an addiction to Draw Something. Also spin class.

Reading my second book on the Kindle. I’m finding I read books much quicker than I do with a tangible copy. Strange, isn’t? Still nothing will replace a real book.

Wondering, what’s your favourite word as of late?

Currently…you are?


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into the abyss

It’s Friday, and that means a new podcast for your weekend listening!

Stream it.

Download it.

And in addition to musical goodness I’m going to leave you with this link and two minute video below. It’s describing a dive to the Mariana Trench, the oceans deepest point, which James Cameron will attempt this month. I’m not a fan of his films, but I think the potential for scientific discoveries revolving around this dive are quite fascinating. The article is an interesting read.


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this is not a podcast: episode 3

This week went both equal parts fast and slow. Worked more nights than I would have liked, but the weekend is finally here and what better way to kick things off than with another podcast?

Stream or Download

How are you planing to spend the weekend?

I’m headed here for dinner this eve. Shall report back if it lives up to the hype.

Hope you enjoy the music.


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this is not a podcast: episode 2

Amazing how putting together a playlist can be the most relaxing thing.

Episode 2 – stream or download

I’d go with the download route, as the stream sometimes crashes.

Song you’ve had on repeat lately?


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