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everything i love is on the table. everything i love is out to sea.

I’ve been composing posts in my head all week.

So much is weighing on me these days but I find myself paralyzed to write anything down.

In (un)related news, The National sad bastard music has turned to upbeat for me.




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icky blossoms

I’ve mostly taken this summer “off” from regular activities.

This blog.


Listening to new music.

I’ve replaced everything with a few new distractions, books, writing and more books. I’ve also been aggressively job hunting, and watching a lot of documentaries on museums.

All in all its been a wonderful summer, considering how it started.

However, I realize I can’t stay in this bubble forever (although it is very tempting), so I’m slowly dipping my toe back into things. This week it’ll be music.

I’m loving this new track from Icky Blossoms

What have you been up to?


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always gold

Going to see these guys next week.

Looking forward to it, especially since it’s at the Biltmore and their new album contains handclaps.

Something you’re looking forward to?


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Thinking I might be a vampire that prefers the sun. Not the heat, just the sun.

Pondering chopping off my hair. The weather we’re having right now couldn’t be considered summer weather (12C/54F), yet it’s always around this time of year I think about cutting it all off, even though I’ve been growing it out. Everyone who has met me with short hair, can’t believe how long my hair is getting…and everyone who knew me before says, hey, it’s old you. I think it’s the expression “old you”  that throws me. But I’m now me, not old me, dammit. What do you think? Long or short?

Watching the television on mute on the Food Network. They are showing “The Worlds Weirdest Restaurants” – this one is Alice in Wonderland themed. Quite cool. The most interesting restaurant you have been?

Stalling cleaning my flat. I’m having friends over tomorrow night to play Cards Against Humanity. I’m really excited to play this game finally. It’s like Apples to Apples but not for the politically correct.

Enjoying a few songs off the new Metric album, but that’s about it. Perhaps it’s a grower.

Loving the new Young Galaxy track. Take a listen to Youth is Wasted on the Young.

Smiling over this photograph.

Currently…you are?


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this is not a podcast

well…technically it is, but i like that title.

i know i promised a video blog, but i woke up this morning with the urge to test of the waters of podcasting again. forgive the glitches, i know it’s a bit echoey, but i’ll have that fixed for next time around.

you can stream it over here (when podomatic plays nice)

or if you want i uploaded it to mediafire, so you can listen at your leisure.

let me know if you have problems with the link. happy weekend!


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there are some things i should never laugh about in front of family

The National performed two new songs on Q today. If you’re a fan, you’ll like these. I Need My Girl is my favourite.

I do hope however that their next album contains a few more upbeat tunes. Their ballads are always earworms that pluck at your heartstrings, but they have great strength in more up tempo tunes as well. I’m hoping for a mix of Alligator and Boxer. One thing is for sure, I think they are one of the few modern bands writing songs that will still be relevant in 20 years.

Also, their pictures on Twitter crack me up.

Something that made you laugh today?


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walking down the street and i wanna kill everyone i see

Hard not to love a song that starts with those lyrics.

If you like swaying melodies, you’ll enjoy this band.

This song makes me wanna dance.

I need to go dancing. It’s been too long. Probably won’t get to go until next month when I go home. Until then, at least there’s a repeat button.

What’s everyone doing this weekend? I’m taking in the Neon Vancouver exhibit at the Vancouver Museum. Should be good. I’ll be sure to take some pictures.

Happy Friday.


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