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she don’t think straight

on monday i found myself walking down Robson street in Vancouver after leaving a rooftop patio where i was celebrating a friends birthday.

as i walked “Banquet” by Bloc Party came streaming though my headphones.

my feet bounced to the beat and soon i was at the corner of Burrard/Robson where HMV used to be.

now stands a giant Victoria Secret billboard advertising the coming attractions.

i had a flash to 2005 when i first moved to Vancouver and was sleeping on a partially inflated air mattress in a shared studio apartment in the West End.

almost to the week – eight years ago – i remember cobbling together what little cash i had in my bank account (i was jobless at the time) and walking down the hill to HMV and buying Silent Alarm.

i came home and put it in my disc man, which was broken and held together by elastic.

i was hooked before the end of the first minute on the first track. before Kele sings, “It’s so cold in this house…” i knew this record would change my life. and it did.

this album also holds special meaning for me as it was one i discovered on my own.

i realize that sounds silly, but lately i’ve been trying to think back to a time where my life wasn’t involved with romantic entanglements. when it was just me and i did things for myself. discovered things on my own and gave no fucks. i always go back to this summer and this album when i think of a ‘carefree’ time. i realize part of this is nostalgia, but part is not.

i never used to let other people’s drama become my own. i want that part of myself back.

i hope it’s still there.

the whole thing really is removed when you’re twenty two.


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it’s the side effects that save us…there’s a science to walking through windows without you

I woke up this morning and couldn’t really swallow.

I knew it was the start of strep throat. Everything felt swollen and I had no other cold symtoms besides a fever. Also my ear was sore, but that’s normal.

I called in sick and then passed out again in my bed until about 3pm.

While lying in bed I scrolled through some music news and found out that The National had done a BBC 6 music interview and played some new songs.

I turned up the volume on my phone and set it next to my pillow and closed my eyes and let the music wash over me.

Pure bliss.

Honestly, (good) music heals. Especially when it’s your favourite band.

I conjured up the energy to go to the clinic where I found out I have a double ear infection and strep. Got my Amoxicillin, picked up soup and popsicles and went back to my bed, fired up my media player and put all three new tracks on repeat.

I will admit, this winter was rough on me and I think part of the reason why is because I stopped listening to music.

Remind me never to do that again, eh?

I am not my rosey self, left the roses on the shelf. Take the white ones they’re my favourite…


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digging the cover below lately.

excited for next week and visits from the east coast.

hoping all the drama and paperwork involved with importing  a vehicle will be handle soon. complete mess.

determined to tackle the heaps of laundry in my bedroom. mainly, so i will be able to close the closet door. it’s been a month of living out of a suitcase, time to start fresh.

remembering how much i love peanut butter and bananas.

currently…you are?


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and i keep having these dreams

Perfect song for Sunday listening.

I love the video as well.


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not many can rock blue polyester

Even the roadies were dressed like mini versions of him.

Black dress shirt, black pants, blue tie and hat. Both males and females.

While they set up inside the theatre, outside there was a literal mob at the merch table. I’ve never seen anything like it before. They really shouldn’t have allowed credit/debit and had more than two people running it. Posters and the LP sold out so quickly, but I managed to get a few souvenirs, and dash back in before the opening band started.

I don’t recall which song Jack played first, just that it was a White Stripes one. The third, Sixteen Saltines, will be a performance I never forget. He grabbed ripped the jugular from the song, threw it against the wall, and it bounced back into the crowd.

After the song finished, I turned to my friend, gobsmacked, and mouthed “amazeballs” – there was so much intensity. It helped that the crowd was electric too. Normally, I enjoy a bit of banter in between songs, and there was a bit, but his performance was enough. The main banter came when the crowd sang along, he seemed to enjoy that we knew all the words, or enjoyed the vocal break. I’ve only ever seen that much ferociousness in one other band, The National.

It was a thrill to hear White Stripes songs played with a full band. I’m almost glad I never saw them live – I think my enjoyment would have been a bit different. The crowd went wild for Seven Nation Army. I hope he puts out a live CD with this tour.

I don’t need to see another concert this year.

The two hours Jack White lit up the stage was more than enough.

What was the last piece of music that gave you goosebumps?


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let it always be known that i was who i am

As much as I enjoy concerting, I would greatly appreciate it if artists embraced the weekend show. These mid-week concerts are killing me. I might have to start drinking caffeine in the morning. Radical, I know.

Last night, Westcoast Walker and I took in Andrew Bird at the Vogue Theatre and it was a blast. The perfect combination of violin, whistling and handclaps. I’ve never seen someone play the violin with such vigour before. He played a lot of his older songs, which brought out the guitar, which was something I really missed on his last album.

Before his encore, he ended with a perfect rendition of Fake Palindromes that brought everyone to their feet. Twas great.

Laura Marling opened. This was one of the songs I enjoyed from her last night.


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do you hear the crickets?

“Why are you standing? Sit down.”

Stephin Merritt’s opening remarks to the crowd gathered to see The Magnetic Fields at the Vogue theatre last night in Vancouver.

I immediately tucked away my earplugs, there would be no angering the tinnitus after this concert.

I also learned last night that Merritt himself suffers from tinnitus and likes to keep their concerts on the mellow side. Finally, a rock star after my own heart.

If you’ve never listened to The Magnetic Fields you should start with 69 Love Songs and then watch Strange Powers. The wonderful group of audiophiles I attended the concert with last night were musing over how to best describe Merritt. We seemed to all come to the consensus that he was a bit like Morrissey, but I would argue a little more bitchy and humourous. Although there are 4 other musicians on stage alongside Merritt, he is complimented most by Claudia Gonson, who in addition to playing piano, drums and providing vocals also manages the band. She brings things back down to earth and it’s refreshing to see the two of them play off each other.

And who couldn’t love a band who introduces a song with this preface, “In the 1900s in one of our many hometowns, Boston, there was once a accident at a molasses factory and smouldering hot molasses flowed, slowly, into the streets. Sadly killing many animals in its wake. This song is slower than that molasses.” 

Although I would have liked to hear a bit more of their older material, it was still a fine show, and I can cross them off the list.  I am so glad that I dragged myself out of bed, not feeling well, as the band were all drinking hot water, lemon and honey as I have been all weekend. If they can play sick, I can surely listen.

Who is on your concert dream list?


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