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in the radio’s hot sun

I’m back home after my week away, and I ended the trip off with a very full weekend in Phoenix, visiting a good friend.

Sadly, I didn’t take as many photographs as I thought I would. I’ll blame the heat and all the walking we did. Here are a few though.

First stop upon arrival, Uranus Recording studios. This was a sign I just liked out front. I wish I had taken a photograph of the bathroom – every artist who records there leaves a message on the wall. But I was distracted by all the shiny objects.

Craziness in the art store. Unfortunately, this cool little art shop is closing. I loved this mural on the wall.

Normally, the food porn picture is taken before the meal, but this shows you how much we enjoyed it. Chakra 4 Herb & Tea House in Phoenix. The best tomato and avocado humus I have ever had! I can’t even recall the other kinds, because that one was so good. Served with pita and raw veg.

Comic-Con was taking place over the weekend in Phoenix, so when we were out Friday night we saw some great costumes, and some unidentifiable ones. Perfect night for wandering, and for having dinner next to a window, for people watching.

Phoenix and the surroundings areas had some wonderful street art. However, I saw most of it whilst we were driving, so didn’t snap any photos. Here’s one from downtown though. Once I stopped to take it, two other people did. The power of suggestion.

We also made it to the Musical Instrument Museum (or The MIM), which was truly overwhelming. Instruments from nearly every country in the world. It was also a great lesson in geography. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more interpretation to go along with the instruments, and that the only piece from Canada was the fiddle.

It was a wonderful end to a brilliant week off. Many thanks to my host.

It also made me realize how far away the closest people in my life are. I only get to see my parents once or twice a year. On my birthday, I was lucky enough to chat over Skype with a few friends overseas and in Toronto, but when technology causes a fuss, you understand it’s not so easy to just nip around the corner for a cuppa as it once was.

I also think that is one of the reasons I didn’t take so many photographs on this trip. I was less concerned about capturing the moment and just focused on being in it.

Twas a whirlwind ride in the desert, and I look forward to next time.


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blue raspberry

Instead of finishing off my year-end song list, I’ve been making a gingerbread house.  It’s turned into an annual tradition, and I think this is the best one yet. Although it does lack a bit of an overall story. I had wanted to do a house set in two different universes but then decided on a brownstone-like structure with neighbours of varying tastes.

Amazingly, even though this was a larger structure it held together the easiest of them all. That royal icing, I tell you.

Photos are a bit blurry, too lazy to find my actual camera amidst the luggage. I’ll upload better ones later.

Front of the house. Some of you might recall the address, which was my address when I lived in England.

Communal ice rink in the middle of the pathways.

The “Blue Raspberry” side. Inspired by watching Christmas Vacation. Snowman who don’t melt, hence the sunbathing on the shreddie roof.

More colour coordinated neighbours, cinnamon hearts and mints with a poppy-seed roof.

Green fondant siding…

Red fondant siding…

The backside, oh, and the window lining is the only non edible part of the house – used paper for that.


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popcorn and m&m’s

Even though I favour the books over the films, I am still a little bit excited to see the final Harry Potter film, which was released yesterday. I will admit I didn’t care for the last few, but I have hopes they didn’t mess it up, and from what I’ve been hearing it sounds as though I won’t be disappointed. I only wish I didn’t have to wait another week to see it.

A film that’s exceeded expectations recently? Or one you were disappointed with?


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what does this one do again?

Over the long weekend the Boy was here for a visit, which coincided with his birthday. Normally I gift him geeky type things – as there are endless possibilities – and this year one of his gifts was 3D chess.

Now, I didn’t really think this through, as the first thing he said after opening it was “You know you’re going to have to play this with me, right?”


I can play chess, but it frustrates me, so the thought of 3D chess is not that appealing. “And now that I’ve put it together, it has to stay here in your flat. “

Joy. You can see my excitement as we play a game.

I should have went with the crocheted Futurama dolls.

It’s actually not that bad. I’m just being stubborn. I’m really glad I just got the starter 3D chess though. There were sets on 5 or 6 levels, like the one from Star Trek.

I hope to win at least one game by the end of summer.


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why one should carry a compass in the forest

So, gingerbread adventures did not exactly turn out as well as last year.

We wanted it to look a bit crooked, but then we had some structural issues, and things ended up looking a bit slumped.

Still, it was fun attempting to make, and as always the story made up amused me more.

Here we have Old Man Nibb and his boot.

He has a vendetta against gingerbread men, for reasons unknown, and therefore tortures all that cross his path. The broken gingerbread man bridge is a warning. For added measure there are some spiders and octopuses to keep out solicitors.

Over the bridge, in safe territory, we have a small graveyard for gingerbreads past, and advancing from the east we have a small army attempting a take-down.

Starting with chimney infiltration.

Next year, I want to attempt a whole block. Learned a lot from this one. Just have to work out the story…


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you know the answer to the ultimate question

of life, the universe and everything…


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a private moment

I got a new gadget…


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