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dear universe…

you have funny timing.

i was downloading an album this morning sent from a friend by the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and while doing so got to thinking about the last time i saw them in concert, and who i was with. i was in newcastle, and saw them at the student union with one of the few people i really connected with during my time there. however, she is horrible at keeping in touch, and as far as i knew had deleted her facebook, so the last time we talked was about a year ago, when i was up in smithers and i sent her a musical care package across the pond to germany.

so much to my surprise this afternoon when i got back from my meeting, i had a message in my inbox from her (via fb wall). fancy that.

now if only we could get this teleportation thing down…


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lend me your hand, and we’ll conquer them all

I partook in Olympic mayhem today. Well, kind of. I had to go downtown to go to the doctors, so I figured I would meet up with a friend from back East who was visiting for the games. I had to cancel plans earlier in the week with them, because I’ve just been in too much pain, sitting and walking for extended periods of time, my body does not like. So seeing as I also can’t really drive at the moment, I took the train all the way downtown.

I was not the only other person who had this idea.

Never in my life have I seen so many people, outside of London, England, waiting in a que to take the train. I said to my friend I can only compare it to that time I was stuck in the tube after an Arsenal game, except this experience lasted a lot longer. It was a bit surreal, and I was glad I had taken extra painkillers with me.

I felt much more relaxed once I was able to get off the train, and head to the oasis of Granville Island market, outside of the hoopla, as it is one of my favourite places. Have you ever had the feeling of missing someone but they’re with you? Whenever I’m at the market, I miss it before I’ve even left. Perhaps it’s the abundant delicious smells, or the fact that if I sit out overlooking the water, I can catch a glimpse of English Bay, and my first flat in Van; spring showers, sunflowers and dark chocolate with raspberries.

I recall evenings spent down by the water talking with Ash, walking over the Burrard Street bridge before there was all this fancy transit and I had to laugh when she called me this afternoon, while I was on the island, and chastised me for not coming to visit her in Yaletown, which is literally just across the water from Granville. So close, but so far, I said. I relented in the end, as tea was promised.

There is something about this view, and an old friend, who will tell you if you have rugelach stuck to your chin that makes my heart warm, and the pain less.  I wish they were both closer.


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it might have been the jager bombs

I rang in the new year, shoes in hand, dancing barefoot and singing out loud to The Pogues and Dropkick Murphys, among friends. I haven’t had that much fun dancing in a long while. Then about 20 minutes into the year, I had my first puke, chugged some water and continued dancing until 2am.

Sometimes, you just have to throw up, right?

As always the drunk walk home in search of poutine was another highlight of the night. Unable to climb stairs at that point due hours dancing in 4 inch heels, I was left outside and propped up against a tree. I assured the Boy I was fine, and he followed my friends into order food. They should have warned him I wander when left alone and drunk.

He found me later down the street, giving people directions.

Hope you all had a good night!

How are you spending the first day of the year? It’s gonna be a PJ day for me, finally! Last day of vacation and all.


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wild card inside

“You’ve changed…you’re so much more mellow, softer? I know it’s you, but I just can’t believe these things are coming out of your mouth.”

This past week through catch-ups over tea, and long distance phone calls with three good friends that sentence above was something I kept hearing, over and over. These are people who have known me for years and years, and have seen me through many different stages and changes in life, so what was so perplexing to them now?

I’d have to say the most hilarious repeated phrase this week was:

“I guess I’ve been used to seeing you so jaded for so long, it’s weird to see the difference. It’s wonderful…just different.”

My response to all of that of course was laughter and listing the points where I haven’t changed. Yet I couldn’t help but wonder, have I really changed that much? Perhaps my hard outer shell has soften, but I think it’s been for the better. I’m still a jolly cynic, these days just more jolly than cynical.

Perhaps it’s because I have been listening to ‘pop’ radio again on my drives into the city?

Yeah, we’ll say it’s that.


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you know when we sat out on the fire escape talking…what did you say about running before we were walking

I’ve been trying to formulate my weekend into thoughts, and further into sentences, but alas my brain is just not working. I am exhausted, but in the best possible way. Filled with good food, great musical listening and shining memories of dear friend visits over too soon.

So instead of rambling, some music…

p.s. Seeing Billy Bragg last night at the Commodore in Vancouver was brilliant. He is the perfect combination of storytelling and tenacity you want in a folk singer. A superb concert all-around, and well worth price of admission.


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my dream girl don’t exist, at the age of five she slit her wrists

I bought Living in Clip.

You bought a Pearl Jam album you already had.

On the way home you pointed out that Pee Wee Herman doll I hate, in the window on Princess.

I wonder if its still there. It was when we graduated.

At home the stereo at eleven, in the dark, in daylight.  J tried to drown us out by turning up Primus.

I still hate them.

And he still hates Ani and Tori.

I’m pretty sure you still love Pearl Jam.


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look for what seems out of place

Look what greeted me after work!

Early birthday goodness from overseas, and an embarrassment of musical riches from Sean! Its going to take me at least a week to get through all the great music and magazines. Well chuffed, I am. Many thanks again, friend!


And Sean wins the award for best use of sellotape. This is my attempt to try and open the package without scissors. I had to give up.


Mail should just be delivered on Monday. It makes the entire day better.

Best surprise that has greeted you in the post lately?


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