Here in Vancouver we’ve seen the sun for nearly a week straight.


After 4 long months without it everyone is rejoicing and basking in its warmth. I hope the rest of the country starts to see a weather shift soon. The parentals are leaving Palm Springs this week and probably going home to snow. Yuck.

Here’s a shot from my recent trip to Seattle. We shot on film, and I’m still awaiting some of the scans. This is an edit I did, the original photo was taken on a Fuji 210 Instax. I’m learning to like that camera a little more with each use.




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2 responses to “spring

  1. Hopefully the sun will stick around for some time, although the offspring was complaining of having a sunburned back after cycling.
    That’s an interesting shot. It must have been a successful photo shoot. Huzzah for fitting in friend visits at the same time!

  2. It was a good weekend! Of course, would have been better if you were there. :)

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