look through my window

it’s hard to be here at times.

i find her in every space, even through the physicality of this place has been completely gutted. standing in certain places in the house, thinking i’m going to see her around the corner. smoking her Virginia Slims and drinking her diet pepsi while sorting through the mail. 

yesterday, i was searching for a pair of scissors and uncovered two Polaroid cameras, and a few boxes of film. i couldn’t help but smile. before we’d leave after every visit we’d have to pose for a Polaroid. i wonder whatever happened to those. 

i’m sure they are somewhere. perhaps next to the crinolines. 


self portrait: Pasadena, march 1, 2012



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2 responses to “look through my window

  1. Polaroids make amazing photos. Why did we not realize that when we were decrying how awful they were?

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