taste perversion

that’s what Google asked me when i typed in the following:

fluorometholone suspension ophtalmique (one of the three eye drops i’m on right now, four times a day to repair cornea damage) and weird metal taste in mouth.

do you mean taste perversion and FML? (the acronym for the drug, but also interweb slang for ‘fuck my life’)

why yes, Google, i do!

after i changed all the water filters in my house i couldn’t shake this horrible taste from my mouth, which i noticed yesterday in spin class while trying to drink from my water bottle. even water tastes horrid. i have to be on these drops for a month.

damn you eyes!

these eye drop steroids better work. not only are my eyes sore, i’m tired of looking like i have some kind of addiction problem with strung out bloodshot eyes all the time. and i have nice eyes.

anyway, happy thanksgiving!

what kind of pie did everyone eat?



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3 responses to “taste perversion

  1. That really does demonstrate the whole eyes, ears, nose, throat connection, doesn’t it? It’s a shame they couldn’t make the drops taste like sunshine and lemon drops, though.

  2. jakethejerkdog

    pumpkin pie with whipped cream and plum pie with ice cream.

  3. Effin’ eyes! Hope that’s clearing up!

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