I’ve been trying to stay away from the computer when I get home, as I’m attempting to repair from damage to my corneas. Apologies for lack of updates.

As you can see, bloodshot eyes are bloodshot.

They’ve been like this for about a year or so, and constantly hurt. I went to the eye doctor last week, and in addition to getting a stronger prescription (for reading), he told me I’m either sleeping with my eyes partially open, or not blinking enough.

I’ve got two kinds of drops to use each day, and hopefully they’ll start to work soon. I go back next month to check-up.

I had to laugh though when the doctor suggested I have someone watch me sleep to see if it’s during slumber my eyes are drying out.

Yes, I’ll get right on that!

“Hey, wanna come back to my place and watch me sleep. Literally.” 

I’m sure that’d be a good pick-up line.



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5 responses to “bloodshot

  1. jakethejerkdog

    how would the person wathcing you sleep know if your eyes were drying out? Would they occaisonally prop them open and look? I don’t get it. On the other hand if I were young and single and a woman came to me with that line I would likely pass on it. Or maybe I would be so curious I would agree to it.

  2. No, the doctor thinks I’m sleeping with my eyes partially open…which one would be able to see watching me sleep.

  3. Head down to your local pub tonight and try out the line! I suspect it would work wonderfully.

    I’ve been trying to battle the bloodshot myself, with mixed success.

    I hope that the drops and the new glasses help!

  4. ali

    Could you wear a slumber mask to help your eyes stay shut while you sleep? Perhaps less unsettling than having someone sitting in your room watching you sleep…

  5. bloody awful poetry

    That line is both creepy and utterly hilarious. Forgive me for cracking up over here. But I do hope the drops do you some good!

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