unable to get the new Mountain Goats record off repeat.

have a full dance card until late October. so many trips, visits and concerts to look forward to!

trying to live in the moment, and not fall head over heels.

hoping the insurance and mess with my car goes smoothly in the coming weeks. what a debacle that has turned into.

have a craving for cake. specifically pumpkin. perhaps i’m smelling fall…

currently…you are?



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5 responses to “currently…

  1. the weekend was busy, paddling, filling holes in the wall and repainting, building deck rails, staining the deck, watching football, a friend’s 40th b-day party,

    Interesting thing about pumpkin is it’s considered one of the top smells for males sexual arousal, that and lavender.

    I was having a craving for tomato soup cake, ended up with key lime pie.

  2. Sounds like a well rounded weekend!

    Really? I’ve never heard that before…I’ll have to see about this. I make a wonderful pumpkin spice cake. Tomato soup makes me ill. I’ve never heard of tomato soup cake. Key lime pie, I love.

  3. I’m trying to sort out my September schedule, which is filling rapidly with writing assignments. October is going to be just as busy, but more travel-based!

  4. Whitenoise

    Hey, sorry to hear about your car!

  5. Barb: Less than one month now! Can’t wait. :)

    Whitenoise: Thanks, getting the new/old one next month hopefully.

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