I went for my first tattoo removal appointment today.

I went expecting the worse, which I suppose was a good mindset, because I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t hurt that much. It felt like numerous bee stings, but it was over in about 15 seconds. It hurt for perhaps 20 minutes after, but it’s fine now, just swollen.

However, I’m disappointed with the results. If anything, if looks darker than before. I think it will be years before I’m able to finish treatments (as it’s costly). I’m going to attempt one more in a month, and if I can’t see some results, I’ll probably table it for a while. It can take up to 12 treatments! Although, I wonder if they can actually do it in less, but don’t, so they can charge more money?

One thing is certain, I wish I had a time machine, so I could stop my 16 year old self from getting the damn thing in the first place.



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3 responses to “skeptical

  1. Hopefully the increased darkness is just a result of temporary inflammation and that it will lighten over the next few days. May I borrow the time machine when you are finished correcting your past? I have a few things to eras as well.

  2. jakethejerkdog

    Can I ask what they charge? I watched a video after you mentioned tattoo removal and it seemed to work very well in the video. So far I plan on keeping mine. Maybe we should go in together and buy a machine, we can rent a location beside a tattoo shop!

  3. Barb: Swelling has gone down, and I still don’t notice any difference. Disappointing.

    Kelly: It might vary depending on location, but it was $150 where I went (I had a coupon so I didn’t pay that much). I also had watched the videos, which is way I went in the first place. I’m willing to give it one more chance, but I won’t go back after if there is no fading.

    Yes! That’s a wonderful idea.

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