icky blossoms

I’ve mostly taken this summer “off” from regular activities.

This blog.


Listening to new music.

I’ve replaced everything with a few new distractions, books, writing and more books. I’ve also been aggressively job hunting, and watching a lot of documentaries on museums.

All in all its been a wonderful summer, considering how it started.

However, I realize I can’t stay in this bubble forever (although it is very tempting), so I’m slowly dipping my toe back into things. This week it’ll be music.

I’m loving this new track from Icky Blossoms

What have you been up to?



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2 responses to “icky blossoms

  1. That is a grand track! I’ve been hearing it on XM recently and loving it. There’s a Purity Ring song that they’ve been playing as well that has burned itself into my brain.
    Glad to see you making the venture back outside the bubble.

  2. iduality

    I’m tempted to stay cocooned, so much music to catch up on! I may just keep with my Russian lit instead. ;)

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