mystery bruise

I’ve been waking up to bruises like this on my legs for months. The ones pictured here have been here for a week or so. Last month I woke up to black and blue one the size of my fist on my thigh.  Starting to get slightly concerned. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the migraine meds they have me on. Going to get some blood work soon to sort everything out.

Ever have a weird mystery bruise?




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5 responses to “mystery bruise

  1. strange.
    I hate to admit I’ve woken up with mystery bruises. Not for many many years though and there was alcohol involved, and I’m pretty sure stupidity on my part.

    So these only appear when you are laying down? Are they sore like if you’ve been hit?

  2. Strange, indeed.

    Yes, I typically wake up with them. Going to go in for blood work on Friday. They hurt, yes. They start out a deep blue/purple, like a normal bruise. After I took this picture, I woke up with even more. The only seem to be on my one leg, too. Curious!

  3. make you should set up video camera and record what happens during the night, kind of like that movie paranormal activity. Could be something strange in your place

  4. I am a continuous pallet of mystery bruises. It seems that even sleeping can be a contact sport sometimes.
    I hope you can Nancy Drew this one!

  5. So far no luck!

    Getting a bit worse. Curious.

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