If you had it off, what did you do for the long weekend?

Mine was the perfect balance of work and play.

Attended the wedding of a good friend, got a few things done around the flat and then embarked on the annual Ikea trip with another pal, which was a lot of fun.  I even managed to avoid impulse buys (I’m still using the 1,000 tea lights up).

This weekend, someone asked me, if you could write your own eulogy, but in 6 words only, what would it say?

I decided on:  Into the rabbit-hole her handclaps echo.

What would yours be?



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6 responses to “wordplay

  1. jakethejerkdog

    that’s a great eulogy!
    I’ll have to think on it

  2. Those blasted tea lights! I’ll be stuck with them for eternity.

    That’s the perfect eulogy for you though. Mine would likely be:
    ~ wasn’t as nice as you thought ~

  3. Kelly: It’s a tough question, isn’t?

    Barb: Ha! I love that. If I have a gravestone, I’d like mine to read what I wrote. In a specific font, of course. ;)

  4. Were you expecting something profound? Sorry.

  5. just thinking that looks rude, but that was my six word eulogy or grave stone etching although I won’t have a grave stone

  6. Ha. No, I like it. Fits you!

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