the voice

Honestly, Brian Williams voice is why I tune into CTV and not the BBC for Olympic coverage. Also, I think we have the best coverage, showcasing all countries, not just our own.

Speaking of voices, at work recently we upgraded our server and computers. My boss’s new computer does not have a sound card.

(insert jazz hands and tap dancing emoticon)

This means no more Harry Potter with Stephen Fry from 12-4pm each day. It’s been a glorious few weeks. When I went to see The Dark Knight Rises last weekend, listening to Bane’s voice, I thought I could handle the daily Harry Potter reading if done in his voice.

I wonder who I make this suggestion to….

Is there a voice that soothes you?

{Note: It’s been three years of listening to Stephen Fry daily, in small doses I do love this voice.}



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6 responses to “the voice

  1. ali

    Does she just keep cycling through the series again and again, finishing the last book and starting the first one again? That’s mildly insane. You should get her some new audio books for Christmas. Or headphones. Or neither, since technology has mercifully solved the problem for you!

  2. Who buys a computer without a sound card? Good thing that the one person in the world who does happens to be your boss.
    I find many of the CBC radio voices to be soothing, one of the reasons I tune in. I must start paying attention to the Olympics now that folk fest is done.

  3. I posit you secretly removed the sound card prior to delivery of said computer. Making you of course the most diabolical curator in the history of the world. One step ahead you are my friend! Well done. Now all we need to do is to get you a top hat and a pencil mustache.

  4. Ali: She just keeps cycling! And she’s figured away around the sound card. She brought in speakers and hooked them up to her mp3 player. It was blissful while it lasted.

    Barb: It’s actually a super computer (we call it the Darth Vader), it’s some type of server and we just assumed it would have a sound card. We have a company doing the work, and I guess they forgot to ask.

    Sean: Shhh! I’m trying to keep that quiet. She figured a way around it anyway.

    I have a tophat…no pencil moustache though. ;)

  5. jakethejerkdog

    I was thinking the ubiquitous Morgan Freeman. One doesn’t often get to use that word.
    And, if you choose to you can drop by my new blog, not that I’ll often have much to say.

  6. He does have a great voice, too.

    Sure, I’ll add you to my reader. Welcome to WordPress!

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