floating through space

I apologize if I’ve been absent here lately.

Even though summer is not a holiday time period anymore, I always use it as a time of reflection, getting ready to gear up for fall, which has always been my start to the year.

I’ve been reading more. Writing short stories again. Blogging anonymously in other outlets. Meeting new people. (Although I do somewhat agree with Seinfeld’s statement on this.) Staying away from Facebook.

Trying to find me again after years of being in a we – although I was always a fairly independent we. A better way of putting it would be, trying to find what I want, and realising it’s okay to want it.

Generally speaking, dreaming again and wishing on space hardware.

I will tell you this though. I’ve listened to this 1 minute and 30 seconds of music over 250 times in the past month. You can jump to 3.50 in this clip and watch until 5.20, as I’m too tired to upload the song itself. Plus it reads better with the clip, and very reminiscent of my life recently.

What have you been up to this summer?



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3 responses to “floating through space

  1. It sounds as though you have been looking deep within recently. And of course, that’s no great surprise. Hopefully the reading, the writing have been helping you through.

    I don’t know if I agree with Seinfeld, though. I think as you get older, you give less of a shit about anything and become more open to new people, new ideas.

  2. jakethejerkdog

    my summer, running, biking, kayaking, enjoying wine on the deck with the new speakers.

    Finding out what one wants is important or maybe just finding out what one doesn’t want can be more important

  3. Barb: This is true. I just think it’s a bit hard sometimes, unless you’re in the proper environment. At least the internet has helped in this regard. :)

    Kelly: I agree.

    I like the sound of your summer so far. I’ve been biking a lot. When the sun comes out in BC it really is a lovely time to be outside.

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