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Deeply sadden to wake up this morning and reading the news about the mass shooting in Colorado at opening of The Dark Knight Rises. Much like I was also to read about last weekends shooting in Scarborough at a backyard BBQ, which killed two people and injured 19, included a toddler.

Senseless acts of violence.

I’m sure you’re also wondering what the fuck is wrong with humanity…because I am.

I’m also wondering about gun laws, and other problems that are at the root of these issues. We can’t continue to ignore the elephant(s) in the room.



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  1. kelly

    I often wonder about gun laws as well. When I was younger I use to enjoy target shooting with both handguns and long guns, I never hunted but was ok and am still ok with others who do. I wouldn’t like guns to be taken away from responsile people. The problem with gun laws is that the only ones who will obey them are the pepole who are already behaving responsibly, so I wonder if creating a beaurocracy will just cause taxpayers money. My thought is there needs to be more accountablity on the manufacturers of guns, so many assault type weapons and incredible automatic weapons available…..designed to kill. Canada has fairly strict gun laws, particularly to do with handguns, unfortunately illegal ones come up from the U.S. It should be much more difficult to access guns in the U.S. and perhaps a process where the owner has to account for location of that gun on an annual basis. So many people there spout off the constitution (although right to bear arms refers to militia not individuals) when talking about guns and the NRA is a very powerful lobby force there. I found this article http://library.med.utah.edu/WebPath/TUTORIAL/GUNS/GUNSTAT.html
    which you might find interesting. One thing it shows is over 600 firearm related deaths per week in the U.S. Over 60% are suicides. So perhaps gun control would reduce murder and suicide?

  2. It’s all rather overwhelming, this senseless violence. I’m not sure how one begins to address the issues of turf wars and violent fantasies.

  3. I grew up in a hunting household, so guns were always present. However, the type of guns used for hunting and what’s available on the market are often vastly different beasts. So, I’d be okay with some revision of gun laws to be sure, as long as everything didn’t get lumped together. That said, one of the 3 guns used by the guy in the theatre was a shotgun, so even supposing the others were too difficult to have gotten his hands on, it may not have prevented a tragedy– just the magnitude of the tragedy. I also think, as Barb, hinted at, there are underlying causes in society that need to be addressed.

  4. Kelly: Those are interesting stats. I’m not for taking away guns that are used as tools (hunting, etc..), however I don’t think civilians should be able to purchase automatic machine guns or large rounds of ammunition, period.

    You are right about the NRA and the US with there 2nd amendment rights. I think most people are forgetting when that was put into the constitution it was a much different time, before all this high powered weaponry.

    Barb: I know.

    I also wish the media would pay more attention to the issues at hand instead of concentrating on the shooter.

    John: Definitely wouldn’t be for lumping everything together. Still, it takes much more time to reload a shotgun then any automatic weapon.

    Yes, I hinted at the underlying issues in my original post.

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