I haven’t really been paying attention to much television at all this summer. In fact, I have not turned on my tv since the start of June. I’m only keeping my basic cable at the moment so I can watch the Olympics in a few weeks and then I’ll be cancelling it again.

What I have been doing is watching my old dvds. There is something really comforting about watching old films, or old television series that you enjoyed in years past. For me there is always a particular show I gravitate towards because it reminds me of a simpler time. Not the content of the show, but the period in my life when I was watching it.

Definitely a blanket cape show.

I’ve also been writing. A lot.

Maybe I’ll post some stuff here. Maybe.

What activities bring you comfort when you’re sorting out stuff in your mind?



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4 responses to “loop

  1. kelly

    cleaning out and organizing the garage, including separating screws and nails and organizing them by type and size

  2. Kelly’s definitely on the right track. I like to clear junk out of closets or drawers. The act of purging helps to clear my mind.

    Also chocolate.

  3. I think you’re both onto something. I’m thinking I need to do this at some point in the summer. I want to start fall off on the right foot.

    My weakness lately has been cherries. Yum!

  4. kelly

    cherries have been wonderful lately.

    I’ve been told I must make some cinnamon buns soon. If I do say so myself they are the best I’ve had. Made with home made croissant dough, flakey buttery layers of goodness rolled with cinnamon,brown sugar,etc.

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