I went for a tattoo removal appointment today.

The first tattoo that I ever got is something that I started to hate about two years after getting it. I was stupid, much like everyone else is at 17.

Every other tattoo I’ve got has been something I have thought about for years before getting it inked. Mainly because of that horrible first one.

I was happy to hear that because of the colours (black and red) it would be easier to remove, however, because my skin is so fair it might take a while to heal between treatments, so there is no telling how long the process will take. The only thing that I really know is that it’s going to hurt. A lot.

Deciding to have a pain-free summer (well at least physically), I have the first laser appointment at the end of August. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

A good lesson you’ve learned from a bad experience?



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4 responses to “removal

  1. I imagine it would be considerable less painful to cover the tattoo with a new one than to remove it?

    I’ve quite a few good lessons from bad experiences over the years. The ones that bother me are those that it took me several tries to learn.

  2. Yes, most definitely. However, I don’t want anything in that spot, so I’m hoping the first treatment goes well.

    Same here. Always the case isn’t?

  3. kelly

    is it laser removal? how many treatments does it take?

  4. ali

    That sounds painful! You are much braver than I would be.

    I don’t think I’ve ever learnt anything that wasn’t by way of a bad experience. I wish I could find an easier way to learn things, but it probably wouldn’t be as effective…

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