so long, old friend

So ICBC is going to take my car.

The damage is too much.

The amount they’re giving me in return is far too little.

Thankfully, I don’t have to give in the car right away, as it’s still okay to drive for short distances. I’m holding down the fort until I know what I’m doing in the fall. A few opportunities have come up, and I’m not entirely sure where I’ll be come September. If I move back east, I won’t need a vehicle.

If I don’t, anyone have a good car I can buy for cheap?

Yeah, didn’t think so.



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6 responses to “so long, old friend

  1. So sad to say goodbye to an old four wheeled friend!

    I’ll keep my eyes open for any deals on cars – selfishly, I think the coast is better with you here, but it does sound like you have some prospects on the horizon to consider – would love to hear some more about this!

  2. I’m happy I don’t have to turn it in right away, I’ll at least have some time to figure out a solution.

    I’d love to stay here as well, and I may, who knows. Yes, we need to get together sometime soon and catch up!

  3. Oh no! Maybe it’s just the angle of the photos (or my lack of mechanical knowledge), but the damage doesn’t look all that bad. Certainly not bad enough to write off.

    So sorry to hear about your poor car. And about all the uncertainty you are currently going through.

  4. kelly

    unfortunate about the car. Yes quite often it doesn’t seem like a lot of damage but they weigh what they can get for salvage and what the black book price is and the cost of repairs. It doesn’t take much to get to 4 or 5 thousand damage, even 8 thousand can not look like much of there is damage to the frame. My skeptical side says they write it off give the customer a pittance and then make much more on selling parts to body shops or garages.

  5. ali

    Well, perhaps unsurprisingly, I know nothing about cars. However, I’m intrigued about these opportunities back East. Look forward to details this weekend!

  6. Barb: It’s the trunk that’s the most, they’d have to replace the whole thing. And the tail light area, etc would be about $1200, for that area alone.

    Kelly: You’re exactly right. They said the most they’d pay to fix the car was $1700, and that it is only worth $2300. Worth more to me though!

    I think I’m going to end up taking my parents car in California…we’ll see. Still frustrating. I hate gov’t car insurance.

    Ali: Yes, lots of details to discuss!! :)

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