Mail like this is one of the reasons I love my job. Letters from a Gr. 2 tour we had through the museum a few weeks ago.

They loved the doll exhibit. Who knew! Also, there was a great letter from one marvelling over getting to talk on a rotary phone.

Something about your job that made you smile today?




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4 responses to “lucky

  1. I love how they have decorated the letters, really made that letterhead their own.
    I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed being able to write in the backyard yesterday, in the shade, cold drink beside me. Freelancing does have its privileges.

  2. Me too. Was a great way to start the week, reading those.

    That does sound lovely. It was so hot at work, made it hard to work. Hopefully it’ll cool down a bit today…

  3. kelly

    we put a gazillion kids from the schools and day cares through tours of the hall and the trucks. We often get thank you letters or posters from them. I’m sure it is done on order from the teacher after the tour. Some of them are quite wonderful and often their descriptions of what they saw and did are interesting to say the least. Forced or not, the thank yous are nice to get. The tins of cookies from the thankful older customers are nice to get as well.

  4. Yes, the descriptions are quite lovely to read. It’s funny to read what sticks with them and what doesn’t.

    I wish we’d get baked goods! :)

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