i don’t believe in a lot of things but…

I do believe in duct tape.

Almost as good as new, eh? This is just one end of the car.

Not driving it, but just in case. They think there is structural damage, however, won’t fix it until the other wankjacket files.

However, despite car woes, all is not lost this weekend. The sun is shining and a patio is calling my name.




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3 responses to “i don’t believe in a lot of things but…

  1. kelly

    nice tape job! Two things I always have in my workbench. That red tape and the grey duct tape. If there is structure damage will they write it off?

  2. That’s duct tape? Very impressive job.

    Do enjoy the sunshine and the warmth. I’m just very happy not to be dressing in Stampede gear today.

  3. Kelly: Yes, that’s what I’m waiting to hear…they should have gotten back to me last week but everything is being held up with the other person. Quite frustrating.

    Barb: Tuct tape, but quite similar to duct tape.

    Had a great evening on English Bay! You must be looking forward to a day off.

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