always gold

Going to see these guys next week.

Looking forward to it, especially since it’s at the Biltmore and their new album contains handclaps.

Something you’re looking forward to?



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7 responses to “always gold

  1. That should be a great show. I’ve only seen them once, opening for Radiohead and they were pretty awesome.
    I’m working at the Stampede for a few days next week, staffing an NMC booth, and am strangely looking forward to it.

  2. That would have been an amazing show!

    Sounds like fun though. It’s great when your volunteering is enjoyable. :)

  3. Happily, I am actually getting paid for this gig, otherwise I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have signed on. But I did get some western-inspired garb at Value Village, so there’s that.

  4. kelly

    looking forward to seeing Lyle Lovett , probably not so much your type of music

  5. Me, I would love to see Lyle Lovett! When are you seeing him, Kelly?

    Sorry for commandeering your blog, Al. It’s just such a nice place to hang around…

  6. kelly

    Kelowna at the Mission Hills Winery, outdoors next Thursday

  7. Barb: Good to hear it’s a paying gig. I loved the photo you posted on Facebook! You looked great. :)

    Kelly: Not so much, but hope you have a good time.

    Barb: I should put out virtual tea and cookies or something.

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