Digging the new tunes from Dinosaur Jr. and Diamond Rings. Summer music has not disappointed. Look for a new podcast next week.

Really hoping it does not rain on Sunday. Museum has an outdoor event for Canada Day.

Looking forward to a garden party and then dinner and drinks with friends tomorrow. Get to test out a new green dress.

Gearing up to face the mound of laundry I have to do after work today. Seeing as I had to jump out of my own room into the hall this morning, I figure it’s time.

Contemplating working the stat day on Monday…but I really have to work on a few craft projects for friends.

Obsessed with avocados and toast. So good together.

Thinking you should all watch Rust and Bone (see trailer).

Currently…you are?



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5 responses to “currently…

  1. kelly

    rust and bone looks like it could be good.

    No garden party this weekend but last weekend went to a friends place on the water for pizzas from his outdoor pizza oven. While we were doing that his wife and their helicopter pilot flew the smaller helicopter over to Vancouver so she could meet her sister at the finish line of a bike race.

    Currently, just finished putting the last of the trusses and sheeting up on our newest building in behind the firehall. Great addition to our already amazing training centre.

  2. It is.

    That must have been delicious pizza! Ah, to have friends with their own helicopters. ;)

  3. kelly

    yes, he keeps them in his garage with the 2 Porsche’s the Lamborghini, the 40ft boat and various kayaks, bikes, quads. He mostly drives his Toyota truck though. Most unfortunate part is I’ve never been in the helicopter. I did get him to donate an hour ride in it to a fundraiser dinner/auction for a local charity that I’m involved with. It raised $975.
    He and his wife are very nice people, low key and he really appreciates everything he has and he’s worked hard for it, and there has been some luck involved.

  4. No helicopter rides here either, but we are currently decompressing from the 1,100 km drive today. Currently listening to the cat making up for having nobody to talk to all week, and looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.

  5. Kelly: Glad to hear he’s giving back to the community a bit.

    Barb: I bet running water and your own bed felt amazing after a week away! I owe you an e-mail…coming today. :)

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