things to smile over

Returning to work after two weeks off and being happy to be there. I have a pretty kick ass job; they let me play with artifacts and write about them.

Talking with the parental units for the first time since my visit (while in the US they couldn’t use their phones, and then I was away), and hearing all about the Beach Boys concert they attended.

Finding a shirt in my closet I thought had been lost.

Awesome friends being awesome.

Raspberry yogurt and granola.

Ernest Hemingway Selected Letters.

Books on Tape – Carnival Lights. Awesome song.

What are you smiling over this week?



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2 responses to “things to smile over

  1. kelly

    smiling because I sold my trailer.
    smiling because I have Robbie, although I’m seeing what she is spending on the credit card while in Seattle with her sister. But it really doesn’t matter, she works hard and should be able to do what she wants, but please no more shoes in the house!
    Smiling because I have Jake here with me.

    Kind of a mixed smile because we’ve had no major fires or car accidents in a long time which is good for the community, but a good structure fire does keep morale up and I know it sounds odd, but they are fun and it’s what we train for.

  2. Those are wonderful things to smile over. Thanks for sharing!

    That must be an odd feeling with your profession. Wanting to do what you train for, but not wanting it to harm the community, etc. All this rain must be helping keep the forest fire situation down at least.

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