mind your greens

One of the more difficult adjustments while traveling these past few weeks was figuring out what to eat. All three countries are heavy meat eaters and it really took effort to find a place to eat for me.

While I was in England I had an interesting conversation with two of my friends over the idea of a vegetarian restaurant. They really couldn’t imagine the idea (of course these places exist, but typically in larger urban centres), and it was funny timing as before we had met up I was watching a food program on the BBC about a man traveling through Britain, trying to get people to eat more veg and be open to strictly veggie dish. It’s something I take for granted living in the lower mainland. I have no problem when going out to eat (avoiding chain restaurants that is).

Of course I noticed it a bit in England before while I was living there, but I had my own place, so I was cooking for myself. It’s different when you’re traveling and don’t always have that option. However, wandering and searching did lead to some great discoveries and I did have some fabulous meals in each country.

What’s your comfort food dish?



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2 responses to “mind your greens

  1. I guess you tend to forget that you don’t always has such as wide array of choices available as you do in Van. I’m glad you were ultimately able to find sustenance though!
    My favourite comfort food is hot and brothy and usually involves melted cheese.

  2. Normally mine it something that involves bread and cheese but I’m in a detox now since France. ;)

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