No better feeling than after 36 hours of travel crawling into your own bed, fresh from a shower.

I’m not even bothered by wet hair on the pillow. I’m sure I will pass out shortly, although my mind knows its 3am, my body is still at noon.

Very thankful I was able to take two weeks away and travel to places I’ve never been. Even more thankful I have this weekend to adjust to the time difference and process a few other things before I head back to work.

Something you’ve been thankful for recently?



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5 responses to “lift

  1. ali

    I’m thankful that you cam to visit me and that we got to spend some time catching up in person!!

  2. I hope that the weekend’s weather is good to you, to help with the transition to home. I’m so glad you had a wonderful trip.

  3. Ali: It was wonderful to see you! Although, always too short.

    Barb: It’s Vancouver Sunny, but that works for me. ;)

  4. kelly

    thankful for being able to go out on the water and get fresh prawns and crab.

    and cake, always thankful for cake

  5. That’s definitely something to be thankful for. After two weeks traveling in non veggie friendly places I’m thankful for being back home.

    Mmm cake.

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