how do you say…

Waiting to board one of the three flights I have today.

This trip back will not be as fun as the journey here. Sadly, Hamburg didn’t have direct flights to Vancouver.

Yesterday was a fairly low-key day. Spent some time wandering the main city centre, and shops. Visited the historic part of Hamburg, the town hall was really stunning. I was curious how damaged the city was from WW2. Nobody I asked seemed to know, so I’ll have to research it.

While out walking in the day, I stumbled across the same exact purple chair I saw at the V&A Museum in London. Well, technically the shop the manufactures it, but still how strange!

In the evening we went back to the pub, and listened to more great music and I met a few more of Anna’s friends – also music lovers. Fantastic conversation, and at one point we were borrowing scrap pieces of paper/napkins and writing out a list of artists, unknown to each other. So now I have a list of German bands to check out and I left a few audiophiles in Hamburg with a giant list of Canadian indie rock artists. Wonderful way to cap off the trip.

Oh, and Anna got me to wear lipstick (it didn’t last too long), and here’s a video I shot where I was trying to get her to translate the warning labels on the cigarette pack, and she gets a bit lost in translation…


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4 responses to “how do you say…

  1. ali

    Looks like fun! Love the lipstick! Safe travels and let’s chat soon.

  2. Thanks…I’m warming to it. Slightly. ;)

    Yes, sent you an e-mail yesterday? I have no idea what day it is. Been traveling for 24 hours and still in LA…talk soon.

  3. Smoking is a condom – love it!
    Your evening with fellow musicophiles sounds wonderful, What a great cultural exchange that was. A moment to remember, for sure.

  4. It was really a wonderful way to cap off the trip! Looking forward to checking out the bands. Hopefully there will be some good finds.

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