and the days blur into one

I have a couple of pieces of writing I’d like to post, which have been written over the past few days, but thinking I’ll hold off on doing so until I return home. They are a bit heavier in nature, and well, I still have more pictures to spam you with.

Time spent in London was not filled with tourist attractions (which was a nice break), instead there was just lots of wandering and catching up with friends. I went into the cosiest pub ever on Friday night with my friend Janette – it had an Alice in Wonderland vibe – each room you entered into had a smaller door until finally you exited into a twinkle-lit beer garden (what the Brits call a patio). And they had about 50 kinds of cider. Ah, how I will miss those selections.

We went to the theatre on Saturday to see One Man, Two Gunvors, which was hilarious. Honestly, my face hurt from laughing so much. After the show we went to a retro diner and got to sit in an old BBC radio booth, where you flipped the “On Air” switch when you were ready to order. It was here I learned that European lemonade is carbonated (tastes exactly like 7-Up). In hindsight, this makes a lot more sense, because when I lived in Newcastle I knew a lot of people who drank beer and lemonade (which I thought disgusting)…still not sold on beer and “7-Up” but I understand the combination a bit better. And of course because I can’t have it, I’ve been craving North American lemonade. I tried the UK’s “natural lemonade” it was lemon juice with ice. It gave me blue steel face for about 3 hours.

The rest of my visit in England was spent catching up with Ali. We had a lovely time wandering through Hyde Park and up to Covent Garden for dinner. We were sad to learn that the rowboats we had intended to rent were about £40 per half hour. Outrageous! Although perhaps it was for the best. How do you think I’d fair on a rowboat?

On Monday we took in the Natural History Museum and V&A and had a pub lunch and chatted outside on the patio until hopping in a black cab and heading to the airport.

I’m only in Hamburg for one more day, and I’m actually looking forward to heading home. I am tired, although I’m having fun, I miss my bed.

I did have a great night out last night, which was needed to take my mind of the real grown up stuff happening in my real non travel life at the moment. Turns out I can understand and even speak (!) German so much easier than French. So much. I’ve been told I pronounce my “U’s” wonderfully, and I have been amazed how much I am able to pick up from gestures alone. Last night at the pub I only needed a tiny bit of translation. My friend Anna’s local pub is great. She’s friends with the owner and as she’s a regular, got to choose the music. It was already good to behind with.

The best part of the night was when a table of young British boys came in and soon started yelling about football – the owner turns to me and says (in German) – “Watch this – I’m going to put on Oasis and I will sell at least 3 pints of (insert name of English beer I can’t recall).” I was able to understand obviously, “Oasis”, the point to the table, and the beer. Hilarious, as it worked! Felt like a true High Fidelity moment. We’re going back tonight, I’ll have to take more pictures, it’s a cool place.

Okay, picture spam. Trying out a new feature with WordPress – let me know what you think of the thumbnail to slideshow pictures. The street art picture with the cassette has “push” written on it, which I loved.


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4 responses to “and the days blur into one

  1. Congratulations on finding you are such a native speaker of German! No doubt by this time you will have discovered Limonade in Germany, which is also carbonated.

    I have to admit, I now have a very strong hankering to spend some time on a twinkle-lit patio. The one you inhabited sounds like a magical place.

    I like the slideshow feature, makes for easy viewing. Great photos too!

  2. Yes, I had some with dinner this eve actually! They have many different kinds of cold tea or iced tea here as well. Never realized how our choices are so limited back home. ;)

    It was the best “British Pub” experience.

    Good to hear, thanks!

  3. Yeah, I was introduced young to the British version of lemonade, which I thought bizarre and not very refreshing. But beer and British lemonade??? EW!

  4. I agree on all accounts. :)

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