So my travel updating fell to crap, eh?

The insomnia that kept me up in the first few days, which gave me the ability to post faded midway through my stay in Paris. Days spent walking and wandering and nights out expended any extra energy.

I had some time alone to write in my journal, which was lovely though.

Currently I’m in Hamburg with my friend from Newcastle. I just spent 4 days in London and had a wonderful time. I’ll post pictures shortly.

For now just one I snapped on Sunday. I think it looks a bit like Banksy’s work. What do you think?

I also saw a great sign nearby that read “Be Civil. Disobey.”




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2 responses to “hallo

  1. It definitely has that Banksy feel – very nice find.

    I’m very glad to hear that your European vacation is going swimmingly. Note having time/energy to post is a very good indicator that you are having a great trip. Just in case you couldn’t tell.

  2. Spotted near the houses of parliament in London!

    For the most part, yes. :) I am a bit tired, but have enjoyed Hamburg so far. Many interesting street art pieces. Good thing I have three flights to edit photos on the way home!

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