gold leaf

I knew the Palace of Versailles was huge. I just wasn’t expecting it to be that huge. Sure my mind knew that thousands of people used to live on the grounds but that’s hard to translate.

It only took us about 45 mins to get through the main palace and then we wandered the grounds, which for me was the most spectacular part.

We rented bikes and took our baguettes (mine sticking out of my bicycle basket) and rode to Marie Antoinette’s “cottage” from the main ground. This was a wonderful break from all the walking, even if some in our group had forgotten how to ride a bike. Amusement nonetheless.

After returning to the city we went to the Rodin Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. The evening took us back out for another wander to the St. Germaine area, where I saw lots of street art.

We ended the day at the Eiffel Tower to see it lit up at night.

My feet are on ice.

Tomorrow visiting various cemeteries and just wandering. I’ve hit all the places I really wanted to see.

Gone through 67 band-aids too.











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6 responses to “gold leaf

  1. ali

    Sounds like a great time! The giant teapot picture is too cute for words. :-)

  2. Baguettes in a bicycle basket? What a perfect way to see the Versailles grounds.

    I hope the bandage supply holds out!

  3. Ali: It has been! I think it may be my new profile pic. ;)

    Barb: It really did feel like the perfect French moment!

  4. They were doing repairs at the Rodin museum when we went, but we still got to see some things. And I think we have the same Rodin sticker picture.

  5. bloody awful poetry

    The swirly gardens/landscape thing is AMAZING. What a front lawn!

  6. John: We both have good eyes! ;)

    BAP: Amazing gardens. It was a real pleasure to be able to cycle around the gardens and enjoy a picnic.

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