spiral staircases

I’m very happy with the decision to rent a flat instead of going to a hotel. Being able to come back periodically and make a snack, or light dinner has really saved some money. Also it’s nice not being confined to just one room.

Yesterday was the Tim Burton exhibit at the Cinematheque Museum, which I thoroughly enjoyed. His journals were amazing. I didn’t realise how deep his catalogue went. It was also great to see some of the costumes from his films. I’ve attached a few pictures below.

After the exhibition it was the great shoe hunt (as you can see from my bandaged feet). My good shoes are still drying after getting caught in the rain.

In the afternoon was the Pantheon. I enjoyed this more than I expected. The architecture was stunning. Sadly, most of my photos are in my actual camera, so only one to share from my phone. The area in which it is situated was also fun to wander. Found some great used book stores and record shops!

The eve was spent wandering the latin quarter, where I saw these huge meringues. I mentioned the French live dessert right?

Today started off with a two hour wait to get into the catacombs. Again, no pictures from my phone, in fact I only took one photo inside (took many of the quarry, but not of the actual bones). It felt disrespectful. I had mixed feelings from the whole experience, but I am glad I went.

Next off to the Museum d’Orsay, which was a bit underwhelming but stunning architecturally. I think the Museum of Modern Art will be better in terms of art I would like to see. I did snap a great picture from behind the clock inside.

Tomorrow is Versailles and the Rodin Museum. And hopefully some crepes.











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3 responses to “spiral staircases

  1. kelly

    I can get museum’d and gallery’d out very quickly. I did like the Rodin museum though

    And the desserts! yummmmmm

  2. I’m glad that the Rodin Museum is still there. I got flashed by a guy in a raincoat right in front of it!
    Versailles is pretty gobsmacking – so ornate and over the top!
    Thanks for sharing all these great photos!

  3. Kelly: Yes, it’s easy to get worn out quickly. Only the Dali Museum left for me.

    Barb: It’s a cute little museum, the gardens were lovely as well. Ha!

    Yes it was! The gardens were my favourite part. Breathtaking.

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