Today was not filled with as much walking as yesterday, but enough that I will be buying new shoes tomorrow.

Last night after we returned from the day, we decided to head out and enjoy the night life…and did not return until 2am so the trip to the catacombs scheduled for today was postponed.

Instead it was a leisurely morn, and I met up with another friend living here from my Newcastle days and she took me around the city and we went out to a tea house. The fanciest tea house I have ever been too. I’m still using the web from my phone so I can’t link it but I will later. There were at least 500 teas on the menu. We also had brunch, which in France always comes with dessert. Im convincing myself all the walking I’m doing will cancel out the indulging.

Tonight will be an early eve because I plan to be up early and take in the Cinematheque Museum and the Pantheon. So I’m watching The Simpsons in French and resting my feet. I feel that’s allowed as it is 9pm.

Here are a few photos I took last night, just around where I’m staying.







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5 responses to “darjeeling

  1. I love the street art. So big and bold!

    Are those public loan bicycles? Because if not, I am not sure how one would find their own bike.

  2. Yes, those are public bIkes. Wish we had a system like that in Van!

    The street art here has been fabulous. Getting some great pictures.

  3. kelly

    Three years ago we spent a week cycling in the Lot Department about 5 hours south west of Paris by train. We then spent a week in Paris, walked a gazillion km every day. When we went I told Robbie we can do anything you want, I have one requirement in Paris, to see the catacombs. Well, the day we were going there we walked to the entrance and there was a guard posted outside telling us” closed for the day”. Sacreblue! I exclaimed (not really) It had been broken into and vandalized the previous night and thus I never did see the catacombs.

  4. bloody awful poetry

    I love that second last picture! And I agree with Barb – the street art is ridiculously gorgeous. And 500 different kinds of tea? Definitely sounds like my kind of town.

  5. Kelly: Sorry to hear you didn’t get a chance to see the catacombs. I was really surprised at the amount of vandalism inside (graffiti). Quite sad.

    BAP: I’ve been loving the street art – I have more pictures I’ll save for a full upload. :)

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