to the top

I walked to the top of the Eiffel Tower today.

Then to the Louvre and walked all the way through the gardens and then to the Arc de Triomphe.

I’d say at least 15 km.

Highlights of the day:

View from the tower.

Seeing a lady carrying a 50lbs bag of baguettes.

A dozen buskers – a super group if you will – playing all together in the metro.

My computer Internet does not seem to be working, so no photo batches to upload, but thought I’d share this one from my phone.




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4 responses to “to the top

  1. Love it! That’s the type of shot I’d take and the walk I’d walk. Ah, Paree! Enjoy!

  2. That’s a fabulous photo! That is a tonne of walking, even without all those steps to the top of the tower. Your knees must be killing you!

  3. ali

    Lovely photo! Look forward to seeing some more!

  4. The picture just invites you to climb it, doesn’t it? Good shot!

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