or maybe it was the elves

I think I’ve been sleep walking.

It’s normal for me to wake up multiple times a night. To get a drink, write something down, use the washroom, etc.. However, I always remember that I’ve done this when I wake up.

This morning I awoke with the broom next to me in bed. It’s normally stored in my hall closet.

I went into the the kitchen to make breakfast and my container of juice was on the counter, openend.

And the thing that truly made me stop and stare.

My laundry, which I had done the previous night just before bed, but had not yet folded, was folded and sitting on the couch.

I am sleep cleaning?

I think the broom was probably me tapping the ceiling in my bedroom to tell the gamer to be quiet. He’s been quite loud this week. And I can understand the juice being left out on the counter. I cannot get past the laundry.

Do you have any weird sleep habits? Have you ever sleep-walked?



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3 responses to “or maybe it was the elves

  1. kelly

    we have a spare bedroom if you want to come stay here for a week and do some sleep cleaning.

    I don’t think it’s weird but I’ve never used a pillow when I sleep and the first thing I do when I get into bed is fold the covers up so my feet are uncovered.

  2. That would definitely hurt my neck! I do the opposite – wrap myself up like I’m in a cocoon.

  3. That is so strange! And a little disturbing.
    I walk around in a daze a lot of the time, but it’s during the day, so I don’t believe you can call it sleepwalking.
    I can’t stand a top sheet, but if there is one on the bed, I need to untuck it so I have plenty of room to thrash around.

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