mango pineapple

While I was out on the weekend wandering Commercial Drive I noticed an abundance of VW vans. At least two dozen parked near the corner of Broadway and Commercial. Convention?

I also found Cherry and Vanilla Coke at Donald’s Market. I’ve never seen Cherry Coke in Canada before!

This was a photograph I took while in California. I was gobsmacked at all the different varieties. We only have 3 or 4 here.

Any interesting finds in your day-to-day travels?



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3 responses to “mango pineapple

  1. kelly

    I’ve noticed cheery coke before, never tried it though. I always notice the varieties of wine in the U.S. They seem to have more in their grocery stores than we have in the BC liquor store inventory, and at half the price!

  2. kelly

    There always seems to be an abundance of volkswagon vans out at Tofino. Seems to go with the hippy surfing thing. Slthough I’m finding it somewhat sad that with skyrocketing real estate prices there seems to be less of that out there.

  3. I do enjoy Cherry Coke, as a treat once in a while.

    Yes, when I was in Cali I found almost all alcohol was half price.

    There is definitely an abundance of VW cars on the west coast – but I’ve never seen that many in the same block before!

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