Thinking I might be a vampire that prefers the sun. Not the heat, just the sun.

Pondering chopping off my hair. The weather we’re having right now couldn’t be considered summer weather (12C/54F), yet it’s always around this time of year I think about cutting it all off, even though I’ve been growing it out. Everyone who has met me with short hair, can’t believe how long my hair is getting…and everyone who knew me before says, hey, it’s old you. I think it’s the expression “old you”  that throws me. But I’m now me, not old me, dammit. What do you think? Long or short?

Watching the television on mute on the Food Network. They are showing “The Worlds Weirdest Restaurants” – this one is Alice in Wonderland themed. Quite cool. The most interesting restaurant you have been?

Stalling cleaning my flat. I’m having friends over tomorrow night to play Cards Against Humanity. I’m really excited to play this game finally. It’s like Apples to Apples but not for the politically correct.

Enjoying a few songs off the new Metric album, but that’s about it. Perhaps it’s a grower.

Loving the new Young Galaxy track. Take a listen to Youth is Wasted on the Young.

Smiling over this photograph.

Currently…you are?



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2 responses to “currently…

  1. Love that photo!

    Cards Against Humanity does sound like a fun, irreverent game! I imagine many snorts were heard during the playing of same.

    As for your hair, can I sit firmly on the fence here and say that I like it both long and short? Tough decision to make, especially if you’ve been growing it for a while.

    I’m currently enjoying coffee and the spring morning before heading back into work.

  2. It was a lot of fun! I’m going to have to bring it to our fall gathering.

    I think I’m going to cut in some shorter layers, but keep the length. I had a moment of weakness. ;)

    Working for the weekend – the life of a freelancer. Enjoy the coffee while you can!

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