not many can rock blue polyester

Even the roadies were dressed like mini versions of him.

Black dress shirt, black pants, blue tie and hat. Both males and females.

While they set up inside the theatre, outside there was a literal mob at the merch table. I’ve never seen anything like it before. They really shouldn’t have allowed credit/debit and had more than two people running it. Posters and the LP sold out so quickly, but I managed to get a few souvenirs, and dash back in before the opening band started.

I don’t recall which song Jack played first, just that it was a White Stripes one. The third, Sixteen Saltines, will be a performance I never forget. He grabbed ripped the jugular from the song, threw it against the wall, and it bounced back into the crowd.

After the song finished, I turned to my friend, gobsmacked, and mouthed “amazeballs” – there was so much intensity. It helped that the crowd was electric too. Normally, I enjoy a bit of banter in between songs, and there was a bit, but his performance was enough. The main banter came when the crowd sang along, he seemed to enjoy that we knew all the words, or enjoyed the vocal break. I’ve only ever seen that much ferociousness in one other band, The National.

It was a thrill to hear White Stripes songs played with a full band. I’m almost glad I never saw them live – I think my enjoyment would have been a bit different. The crowd went wild for Seven Nation Army. I hope he puts out a live CD with this tour.

I don’t need to see another concert this year.

The two hours Jack White lit up the stage was more than enough.

What was the last piece of music that gave you goosebumps?



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6 responses to “not many can rock blue polyester

  1. bloody awful poetry

    That gig sounds like it was absolutely RIDICULOUS in the best way possible. And it reminds me that I need to get started on listening to Jack White’s whole album – Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy has been on repeat for a while now.

  2. It was. I was going to do a proper review, but honestly, it’d be really hard to put everything into words. Electric is the best description.

    Yes, you do!

  3. I loved the White Stripes in concert. Not sure how I’d feel about White Stripes played with a full band though– seems to miss the point of the White Stripes.

  4. I’ve always enjoyed watching live White Stripes stuff, but hearing them with a full band…there’s almost no going back. They sound even better (in my opinion).

  5. “I don’t need to see another concert this year.The two hours Jack White lit up the stage was more than enough.”

    Wow, that’s quite a statement! Must have been an incredible show! In fact, I could feel the excitement of the night through your words. Glad it more than delivered.

    The last piece of music that gave me goosebumps? I’ve been listening to a lot of early Emmylou Harris and her voice, at once breaking and powerful, does that to me. In a completely different way, of course.

  6. It really was. I’m still smiling about it. So glad I was able to get floor seats as well, which made a huge difference. Also, the crowds excitement was addicting!

    She does have a wonderful voice.

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