so here’s to drinks in the dark

I’ve decided yesterday was the last time I shall be celebrating my birthday.

Thus, I will stay 29 forever. It can work that way, right?

I want my red velvet cheese cake and be able to eat it too.

In all seriousness, I think 29 will be a good year. Generally I do well in odd-numbered years. Lots of change has already taken place this year, and I think that will continue. Whether or not it’s how I thought things would turn out.

If I can say one thing about nearing the end of my 20s is that I cannot believe how much change happened in the last decade. I know that’s cliché, but it’s true.

Even my chronic worrying has started to subside. It’s not that I care less, I’ve always been quite passionate about everything I take into my life. Be it work, hobbies or people. Yet, I find myself letting the little things go more.

It shall be interesting to see where the next 10 years will take me. I’ve had this page for 7 years. It would be pretty fascinating to still have this archive in another 10. Or will we have reached the singularity by then?

How did you celebrate your last birthday?



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5 responses to “so here’s to drinks in the dark

  1. kelly

    I didn’t do any celebrating, My last one was 49 and as one gets older, they seem to be less important. Maybe 50 will deserve some celebration. Although I really don’t know what and honestly I cannot stand being the centre of attention. I can talk with anybody and enjoy it but if I suddenly notice other eyes and ears paying attention I tend to get somewhat uncomfortable

  2. I honestly cannot remember what I did on my last birthday. After a few hundred years, they start to blend together.
    I do like that we have these digital memoirs to mark the passage of time instead. It will be fun to look back, in our old age, and marvel at our youthful selves. Provided we are not robot fodder by that point, of course.
    I suspect 29 will be a banner year for you!

  3. Kelly: Yes, I’m starting to feel that way too. I prefer small gatherings so that doesn’t happen.

    Barb: It would be so interesting to print out these archives as well. Or scary. ;) I hope so!

  4. This should indeed be a magical time for you – this is the year of your Saturn return (I think it takes Saturn approx an average of 29.4 years to make it’s full rotation around the sun). So this means you are close to the place where Saturn was at the time of your birth – symbolic perhaps of the beginning of what I hope is a new and wonderful phase of life for you!

  5. iduality

    I didn’t know that Matthew – thanks for pointing that out! Now I’m even more excited for the year. :)

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