look up

Giant Marilyn Monroe statue outside the museum in Palm Springs.

Both cool and slightly terrifying at the same time. Mainly the latter if you’re not paying attention and then bam! Giant Monroe. Sculpture is very detailed up close.

Happy 2-4 weekend to my fellow Canucks! Hope everyone had a great long weekend.

It’s my third day on holiday, and I’ve officially settled into “island mode” as my friend Ali calls lazy holiday time, whether you’re on an island or not.

Although I did brush my hair today, so that might disqualify me.

There’s always tomorrow.



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4 responses to “look up

  1. If you brushed your hair, you will have to start all over again tomorrow. Back to day one for you, then!

    I must say, that is an interesting choice of poses for a gigantic, detailed statue. A trifle startling.

  2. Blast! Well, I haven’t today, so all is well. ;)

    I think it’s her most iconic, which is probably why they went with it. But yes, does take you a bit off guard. Probably the point though.

  3. kelly

    I just got back from a week in Santa Fe New Mexico and surrounding dessert which was a good holiday although I can’t say I was in island mode because I was off my island

  4. Ha. Very true! Hope you had a good holiday.

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