lemon trees

The cool evening temperatures at 7pm last night.

Surprisingly, 37 degrees does feel quite nice after 45 all afternoon.

The fact that there is no humidity helps.

My brief encounter with direct sunlight yesterday caused a bit of a panic. I burned within minutes. This morning my mum applied sunscreen to me like I was a kid again. It was highly amusing. Even more so, because the sunscreen we were using is for babies with sensitive skin. ;)

It was weird seeing the house completed gutted. They took down everything to the studs. It’s now in the drywall tapping stage. Looks a bit surreal. The only part that still feels my grandmother is the backyard patio. My mum was telling me about the little road runner that visits each day and feeding the ducks.

He needs a name. Suggestions?



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3 responses to “lemon trees

  1. Sean

    Why Jonathan of course.

    It only seems right after all. The first name I think of when the term road runner enters my mind. http://youtu.be/QHv8Rok9UfA

    Best of luck hiding from the sun for the rest of your trip.


  2. Jonathan was actually the second name that came to mind for me. My life-long association with Bugs Bunny initially made me think the Wiley would be a suitable name.

    Keep the pale, my friend!

  3. Thanks for the suggestion!

    I didn’t see Jonathan at the house today. Perhaps he’ll be back tomorrow.

    I did find a lovely sun hat though. Huzzah!

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