protecting the pale

I laughed out loud when I stumbled across this picture.

Not because this is a picture of the first Barbie doll, because of the one pale one.

I’m putting together an exhibition on vintage (non creepy) dolls, and was searching for a photo to go in the “fashion doll” section. Instead, I found a picture that best describes me.

The pale girl giving the side eye.

I would have totally played with Barbie growing up if there had been a pale version. Instead, Strawberry Shortcake held my heart.

Did you have a favourite toy growing up?



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6 responses to “protecting the pale

  1. The albino Barbie is brilliant!

    I sure like my stick with the nail in it when I was a kid. I actually don’t really remember playing with a lot of toys, as we usually played with stuff we found lying around. But I did spend way too much time making weird patterns with Spirograph. Loved that!

  2. Pale Barbie rules – she probably spends more time indoors listening to her records and reading classic lit – who needs a suntan!

    I was all about Star Wars action figures when I was a wee lad. Endless fun ensued when I realized that some fo their heads were interchangeable. I always thought that Han Solo looked great with Greedo’s head! I used to line them all up in teams at opposite ends of my room and take turns knocking ’em over with elastics – last team with a standing figure was the winner.

  3. Barb: I thought so too. Apparently they added the tans to later models. The first Barbie also had brown hair, too.

    I used to love those things too!

    Matthew: My thoughts exactly! Pale is the new tan.

    That’s awesome, I didn’t have any action figures with interchangeable heads. Feel like I missed out. There’s something so great out lining everything up perfectly and then knocking it all over.

  4. kelly

    i think it changed depending on my mood but my favourites were lite brite, lego, and the electric trains

  5. John: I think I had one of those toys, too!

    Kelly: Lego is awesome.

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