there’s always one room

In every house, place of business, etc., there seems to be always one spot that you don’t show the public. Or at least, that’s been the case in my experience.

My boss likes to keep everything. The trouble is she doesn’t organize the stuff she keeps. So I’ve taken over the task, as I need a proper place to process collections.

She’s away on vacation at the moment, so I’ve used that time to tackle one of our buildings that has just become a giant junk drawer. These pictures below were taken believe it or not, after we’d done some cleaning.

And this is what it looks like now. Still some finishing touches, but finally, a workable space!

Is there a room in your house, or place of work that needs a spring clean?



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2 responses to “there’s always one room

  1. “One of our buildings that has become a giant junk drawer” – you have no idea how terrifying those words are to me! I have clutter phobia.

    But what a difference some good shelves make! Well done!

    My so-called filing system badly needs a spring clean, as it’s getting so that the filing cabinets give me panic attacks. My kingdom for a shredder…

  2. In small museums it happens a lot. We did so much cleaning these past few weeks. The place looks awesome.

    Ha. I need to update my work filing system this summer. A post vacation task.

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