green tea ice cream

My parents have been in Palm Springs on and off this spring overseeing renovations on their house, getting it ready for when they move down in the late fall.

I’ll be visiting them next week.

We’ve been  having this “conservation” (aka argument) over what colours to paint the various rooms in the house. As technically the house is all of ours, as my Grandmother left it to everyone. They (mainly my dad) are afraid of any colour.

So I was not at all surprised when I got this e-mail attachment today titled “New paint colours”

I simply replied, “FYI: Those are not colours.”

“Be nice” was the response I got.

I’m rolling my eyes here in an effort to get it out of my system before next week.

I think I’m going to purchase them a red chesterfield for their next anniversary.

p.s. When asked what colour I disliked the most, I replied “Siamese Kitten.” Note whose room is getting that colour.



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8 responses to “green tea ice cream

  1. LOL – they sound like my dad, who wanted to paint his entire condo robin’s egg blue because he didn’t want it to look dark. In the end he capitulated to my SIL’s colour choices of a more modern, though modest, colour scheme and boy were we all relieved.

  2. That’s my dad’s reasoning for all the light beige. “There’s not a lot of natural light…” I’m sure once everything is done I won’t notice the paint colour, and they are living there now, so that’s all that matters. I just hate beige…it’s just beige.

  3. As a renter, I am utterly sick of beige.

  4. You are absolutely right – those are NOT colours. Is it my imagination, or does that Siamese Kitten have a pinkish tinge to it? Insult to injury, that. Shall we round up a posse to head down there to do some guerrilla colour blasting?

  5. It does a bit. My guess is that’s the hue coming from the paper. I sure hope it is at least.

    I think that is an excellent idea. There’s a huge wrap around patio, so we can have drinks outside afterward. ;)

  6. Fear of a Beige Planet Baby

    Wouldn’t “Cool White” be more appropriate for you? ;-)

    Not quite sure why people dislike real ‘colour’ when it comes to painting. It is only paint after all.

    Parents… They just don’t understand.


  7. Ha! Definitely.

    They really don’t understand. ;)

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