and they called me miss

Today I held the first round of interviews for our summer student positions. There are 4 positions, and typically a lot of applicants, so it’s a bit of a process.

I had one of our researchers sit in with me while I interviewed the candidates. Most good, one great.

Of the five interviewed today, I will be hiring one for certain. I was struck by two simple things that made this candidate stand out (besides experience).

1) She knew what our organization does

Which is very simple to learn if you spend 5 minutes on our website

2) She asked us questions

I love when candidates do this. It’s one thing I always made sure to do in interviews as well.

Amazing how little details really can make an interview.

Have you had bad interview experiences?

And on a completely random aside. I read this today on Patton Oswalt’s Twitter and it made me laugh out loud.

“How does Frankenstein fuck a vampire lady and have a werewolf boy?” — network note on The Munsters television pitch



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2 responses to “and they called me miss

  1. When in doubt, always call them Dr. Mind you, I generally interviewed in academia, so I am not sure how well that works in the civilian world.

    I’ve been pretty lucky with interviewing and finding the right summer student. But I only ever needed one at a time, which makes things so much easier. Worst experience with summer students was having to deal with the aftermath of the disastrous students that my boss would hire, generally his dentist’s kid or something.

  2. Good advice for academia.

    I conducted more interviews yesterday, and found two great students. My Jr. positions I’ll be meeting on the weekend. Now I just have to wait for candidate approval from the grants…such a process.

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