get cape, fly

I’m at the age where a lot of friends are getting married and having children.

None of my really close friends have fit into this category (yet) so it still feels like something I’ve been watching from afar.

And by afar, I mean being constantly reminded about via Facebook.

However, one of my part-time employees/friend at the museum is due to have a baby boy this summer, and it’s the first time I’ve really been around anyone in my adult life who’s pregnant. It’s been an interesting experience to hear all the stories, and share in the excitement, especially since we share the same sense of humour and fears about such things, she’s one of the more rationale mom’s to be I’ve encountered.

I’ve never had the desire to have a child biologically. Even when I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to adopt. This was years before I found out my dad was adopted. It was just something I knew I wanted to do, and will do, whenever the time comes.

I had to smile today when she told me she was listening to my podcast, and put the headphones on her belly and the baby started kicking up a storm to Jack White’s “I’m Shakin'” – completely made my day. I’m working on a baby mix for her to play now.


Also, this bib is the best thing ever.



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6 responses to “get cape, fly

  1. All the “experts” tell you to play classical music in utero – but my little one’s did just fine grooving to some great indie pop and rock in the womb. I remember when Sara was pregnant with Ethan (our first) and putting some headphones on her belly – I think it might have been the Beatles Yellow Submarine. Sounds like you gotta include some JW on your baby mix!

  2. I agree – I don’t think it matters what kind of music. It’s whatever you enjoy, and they respond too. Most definitely. Thinking some Black Keys as well.

  3. That is the best bib in the history of bibs!
    What a lovely idea to make up a baby playlist for your friend. Here are some suggestions:
    She’s having a baby – the Knife
    You’re Just a Baby – B&S
    Goodbye Baby & Amen – the Cons
    The Oldest Baby in the World – John Prine
    Babysitter – the Ramones

  4. How about those Rockabye Baby cds, lullabye renditions of the Smiths, Radiohead, the Cure, Depeche Mode, and loads more.

  5. Barb: Thanks for the suggestions! I hadn’t heard of a few of those.

    John: Wasn’t aware of these either! Thanks so much. Going to put a mix together this weekend.

  6. ali

    I’m rather late to the party commenting on this… Just wanted to say that I found this incredibly relatable. Babies and the like are a generally a mystery to me, and whenever I express an interest in adoption people are completely mystified but what seems to me a rather logical concept. It does seem that pregnancy and the like are rather ubiquitous at the moment; why not liven it up with some good music?!

    In any case, that bib is amazing.

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