it’s a quest

One of my students today was telling me how she’s going on holiday with her family over the long weekend. I made mention to the Vacation films by John Hughes with Chevy Chase. I received a blank stare.

She had no idea who Chevy Chase was. Or John Hughes.

My heart hurt a bit.

Man. I’m getting old.

When did that happen?



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4 responses to “it’s a quest

  1. Remember in the theatre during the previews for The Hunger Games and no one got the “you had me at hello” reference? OMG! Jerry Maguire is a much newer movie than Vacation!

    LOVE the Vacation movies, BTW…well, the first 3 anyway.

  2. Ah, yes, I had forgotten about that. I just assumed everybody had seen the Breakfast Club and the Vacation films. Took me by surprise.

    Me too. Classic! Also, best representation of my family. ;)

  3. Kids these days! Shameful the way they are being raised…
    Now I feel like watching Christmas Vacation.

  4. I know. I think I’m going to have watch it this weekend. :)

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