i never think of stories as made things; i think of them as found things

No matter where my reading takes me, I’ll always be a fan of Stephen King.

His writing is like a blanket cape to me.

Perhaps because I started reading his stories when I was so young, I’m not sure.

The thing I love even more than reading his novels, his hearing him discuss his craft. Which is why I enjoyed this interview by Neil Gaiman on King.

If you’re looking for something to read before bed tonight, have a click.

Who are your blanket cape authors?



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7 responses to “i never think of stories as made things; i think of them as found things

  1. bloody awful poetry

    Neil Gaiman would be my blanket cape author, actually, along with Austen, possibly. They just make me feel ridiculously warm and comforted.

    I love Stephen King as well, though I must admit I’ve only mostly read his short stories and novellas. The only full-length novels of his I’ve read are “Salem’s Lot” (found it in the school library when I was 13, it gave me nightmares but I loved it to pieces) and “Dreamcatcher”, which I didn’t really enjoy. What with the shit-weasels and all, it was a bit all over the place for me.

  2. One of my favourite novels from him was Blaze. I love his short stories as well. Perfect for curling up on the couch on a Sunday afternoon.

  3. kelly

    i don’t have a blanket cape author. I think my favourite Stephen King story was written as Peter Bachman. I read it a gazillion years ago it was called The Long Walk. It was a story that struck me for some reason

  4. (Kelly, it was as Richard Bachman)

    I still read King on occasion, because like you, I was all over his writing in my teen years. Though I’d not be entirely honest if I said I really enjoy them anymore, at least to the extent that I used to.

    Maybe Atwood or Richler are my blanket cap authors now.

  5. I think Nick Hornby would be the closest I have to a blanket cape author. He creates these cozy worlds that draw me in.

  6. Kelly: I think you mean Richard Bachman. My favourite, Blaze, was written by King as Bachman. I haven’t read The Long Walk, I’ll have to look out for it.

    Barb: He does. I love taking his books with me as I travel.

  7. Sorry John, your comment went into my spam folder.

    Have you ever read King’s ‘On Writing’ book? One of my favourites.

    I need to read more Atwood.

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